Art and Craft Workshops

Here you will find examples of some of the workshops I have done in the past, all of which have proved extremely popular. I can also provide card making workshops that can either be stand-alone, or incorporated into any of the other workshops.

So whether you fancy making something for your home, or something as part of a community these are the perfect workshops for you!

General Craft Workshop

Make something special out of ordinary and unique materials such as felt, assorted paper, handmade paper and plastic. I have a wide range of workshops available in these workshops such as the Beautiful Butterfly project, Unforgettable Memories Project and the Woodland Creatures to name a few.

All of these projects have enabled participants to develop and learn new techniques that they can take home with them. After the workshop has ended participants can take their creations home with them.

Learners can take home what they produce or they could be part of an exhibition that can be made public to the community in your area. Workshops can have any theme, such as flowers, animals or history related topics.

Mono Printing Workshop

In this workshop you will be learning how to create a mono print using your favourite photograph or image and making a gorgeous print onto some paper/card. These then can be used for decorating home-made cards to send to family and friends. You could also frame it and put it on display in your home.

Mono printing is an easy and lovely way to create a piece of art work you can proudly hang in a frame or mount onto a special occasions card.

Venetian Masks Workshop

In this workshop you can really let your imagination run wild! You can design and then create your very own Venetian Mask. Decorate with feathers, jewels and ribbon you can really make an eye-catching and beautiful mask to be used as a decoration in your home or for a fancy dress party.

Peg Doll / Animal Workshop

In this workshop I will show you how to decorate and create your very own peg doll. Maybe you would like to do your favourite TV character or film character or have a go at creating a mythical creature.

Trinket Box Workshop

Craft your very own personalised trinket box, that you will be able to store your most precious jewellery or keepsakes in.

Pencil / Pen Holder Workshop

Want to keep your pencils, pens, rulers and rubbers under control? Why not get in touch to make your very own unique and personalised pencil holder. You can style your pencil holder any way you'd like, create stylish and chic looks or turn them into your favourite animals.

Festive Workshops

Want to create some handmade Christmas themed decorations for you and your family? Or why not make a unique gift for your loved ones? I offer a variety of different workshops that include; Christmas Stockings, Pinecone Snowmen and Christmas decorations.

Why not get in touch and make something special.

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